Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kerry did not convince Netanyahu "demands flexibility from Iran'

Bee's note:  
The following news report translation from Hebrew.  Sometime it is better to go to the source, rather than the usual US English news stands to understand what our allies are saying:  and PM Netanyahu is saying to Kerry: "You have got to be kidding me!" 
An Israeli friend wrote this morning: 
"Following Netanyahu's talks with Kerry, Kerry did not convince Netanyahu.Again we are alone with the troubles of existence.I think that next to the question "Is the nucleus for the need of peace, or for something atrocious".  There is another question that arises, "Is the question of existence of our people, will never end?,,"How can this be?Is a half-life of the Jewish people, depending on insanity of Muslims now?" -- Ron
Obviously, from Ron's point of view (the same as PM Netanyahu's), and from the British and Saudi's views, and from many within our own Congress, the Obama administration is walking on thin ice in its attempts to "diplomatically" befriend Iran, while not demanding total stoppage of Iran's goal to obtain nuclear weapons.  
Among nations, I do not know of any that work as closely together as Israel does with the United States.  To most Israelis, they would rather cut off their right arm before offending the U.S.  Israel is the "stabilizer" in the Middle East surrounded by the hotbed of flames of war among the Arab nations and at its borders.  
My response to Ron is this: 
"May this be the deciding moment for Israel and PM Netanyahu.  Unlike WWII, Israelis are not standing before the boxcar trains, awaiting to be sent to their deaths.  Today, we have our "Chamberlains" and those who do not see beyond their noses, to understand the dangers of a "nuclear" Iran.  However, Israel's contributions to the world, through its technology, science, medical discoveries, agriculture, and its Intelligence has no need to consider itself "alone" in respects to their ability to protect its nation and its citizens.We, who support Israel, may not have the "power" to influence our own politicians to do what is right (until we get to the voting booths), but understanding the threat to the world by a nuclear Iran is enough to recognize that Israel must do whatever is necessary to prevent that from happening - with or without this administration's support.
Israel has defined the Enemy!  The United States has been hiding the Enemy, from Ft. Hood to Syria, removing all traces of the traits of our Enemy, by erasing its description in ALL federal Intelligence manuals.  We speak smooth words about "tolerance", while our Enemies are plotting their next 9/11.  We talk about "diplomacy" with the very enemies who are rushing to obtain the "Bomb" in order to become the greatest tyrant/dictator of the entire Middle East and world.  Iran will make North Korea look like a child, compared to the insanity of Iran's leaders.  If our leaders cannot visualize this, or comprehend the threats, then may God help us all. If my friend Ron is correct and "Israel is alone", than Israel has every right to defend its nation from the threat of being 'wiped off the map'.
 I agree with Joyce Kaufman (video):

October 24, 2013
The New York Times reports that conversation yesterday in Rome, Secretary of State Kerry failed to convince Netanyahu to ease the demands complete dismantlement of a nuclear Iran.

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, failed to persuade Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ease the demands complete dismantling of Iran's nuclear capability - so reports New York TimesDuring their meeting in Rome Secretary of State Kerry tried to calm Netanyahu and said that the Obama administration driving carefully in negotiations with Iran. "Better not be an agreement at all bad agreement," Kerry said, "However, if the problem can be solved diplomatically, it is of course better."
According to the report, Kerry's words convinced Netanyahu, who said that there is no compromise in negotiations with Tehran and insisted that Iran fully decompose its nuclear capability. The two leaders met yesterday in Rome and talked for more than seven hours on the latest developments in the negotiations with Tehran. Netanyahu returned to Israel this morning. 
According to the report, apart from Israel, the United States is now facing criticism from ally Saudi Arabia. No recent visits to Paris and London, Kerry was forced to deny that the United States Saudi Arabia debated the U.S. policy in Iran, Egypt and Syria.
In closed meetings with Western diplomats, as well as official statements Saudi officials transferred criticized the conduct of the United States by the events in the Middle East. Saudi officials have made it clear that they do not approve of the American abstention from helping rebels in Syria fighting President Assad. Also, like Israel, Saudi Arabia is not interested in negotiations leading to a settlement with Iran.
Meanwhile, British Ambassador Matthew Gould, said that Israel is not alone in dealing with Iran. "I understand the British Parliament voted against Syria attack caused concern in Israel, but Iran is a different matter," Gold said at a meeting of the Jerusalem Post, "Iranian nuclear development will lead to an arms race, which will affect the whole world."