Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kerry and the Israeli-Palestinian "Peace" Talks - Doomed to Failure

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
According to Kerry, the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are moving at 'increased intensity'.  What an interesting observation, considering Harretz's report today that the two key players haven't met since the "talks" resumed in July, 2013:
"While the pace of the meetings between the Israelis and the Palestinians may have picked up, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have not met since the negotiations resumed."
 "The two parties have been engaged now in 13 meetings - serious meetings. They had three meetings in the last four days," Kerry said. "All the core issues are on the table. And they have been meeting with increased intensity."
Now, the "core" issues just happen to include splitting Jerusalem in half; not allowing one Jew to step foot inside a "Palestinian" state, and the 67' borders.   And we haven't even discussed the Arab/PLO/Palestinian/Hamas "Charter" that refuses the right of Jews to exist.  Nor, have we mentioned the "Palestinians" map that displays the whole of Israel erased and replaced with a land called "Palestine".

But, my favorite example of recognizing of these "peace" talks having nothing to do with peace and everything to do with money and politics, to-date, the highest bidder (bribe) goes to the USA to the tune of FOUR BILLION DOLLARS.  

If you should doubt the amount, Google it, and you will find an amazing amount of news and links commenting on the U.S. offering Abbas FOUR BILLION, if Abbas would merely appear cooperative and agree to resume talks that never took place before these talks began in July.  However, one of the best commentary's on the FOUR BILLION (remember, America, our economy is in a downward spiral, with predictions that the bottom is about to fall our anytime soon), but the US never lacks for CASH to hand over to any and all Islamic countries, "rebels", and if that isn't enough, to a group of Arabs calling themselves "Palestinians" to build yet another Islamic country within the borders of Israel.  

Here's an organization of Arabs, split in two since Arafat's death; both terrorists, but one group, Hamas, proud of being terrorists against the Land of Israel and the Jews, while the other group, Fatah, is allowed to hide its hatred towards Israel, under the wings and with "protection money" from the Western world. 
The United States will readily admit that our Founding Fathers paid a heavy price for our freedoms.  Israel has been paying that price since 1948 and it hasn't allowed her one moment's peace to-date.  These "peace" talks are not about peace; its all about appeasement to the Arab world, while robbing Israel of another piece of her land. 
Just before "talks" began, Jonathan S. Tobin wrote a commentary well worth a moment of your time:
Palestinians Want U.S. Cash, Not PeaceJonathan S. Tobin@tobincommentary05.28.2013 - 5:55 PMSecretary of State John Kerry and some Israelis, notably President Shimon Peres, had high hopes for the latest initiative to improve the Palestinian economy. Kerry arrived at the World Economic Summit in Jordan with his usual unrealistic high hopes for the value of his diplomacy but he did not go there without offering serious incentives to the Palestinian Authority to quit its boycott of peace negotiations that has been going on since before Barack Obama became president of the United States. The United States offered a $4 billion plan that was supposed to both boost the Palestinian economy as well as give PA leader Mahmoud Abbas a tangible benefit for cooperating with Washington’s new plan to restart talks with Israel. But the Palestinian answer wasn’t long in coming. Anyone who has paid attention to Palestinian responses to the various ways that President Obama has tried to tilt the diplomatic playing field in their direction or the way they answered various Israeli peace offers in the last 20 years knows that it was the usual one word reply: no.As the Times of Israel reports:Slapping down the notion that the PA might be appeased by Kerry’s focus on economic improvements, President Mahmoud Abbas’s economic adviser, Mohammad Mustafa, said ”The Palestinian leadership will not offer political concessions in exchange for economic benefits.” He added, in a statement reported by the Palestinian Ma’an news agency: “We will not accept that the economy is the primary and sole component.”
Mustafa, who also heads the Palestine Investment Fund, said the PA’s priorities are not economic but rather a political framework for the creation of Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines, with East Jerusalem as its capital, that also ensures the rights of refugees and a political compromise, the Palestinian news agency added.
Investors are nonetheless more than welcome to “come to Palestine,” the statement added.
In other words, the Palestinians say thanks for the cash but no talks except those that guarantee they get everything they’re asking for while giving nothing in return and even then there’s no guarantee they won’t continue the conflict as their insistence on the “right of return” — which is tantamount to calling for Israel’s destruction — indicates.
While this is another humiliating setback for Kerry, it’s actually far more significant than that. It exposes the fallacy at the heart of most efforts to create peace between Jews and Arabs for the last century.  ... read more here
To-date, this FOUR BILLION DOLLAR PLAN hasn't prevented the Palestinians from ceasing to attack and murder IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens.  Nor, have these people referred to as "Palestinians" demonstrated to the world that they are serious about building up their own society "in peace" among themselves; they are blood suckers leaching off the "goodness" of aid from the USA, the EU, UN, and other smaller donations from its own Arab countries.  They can't bake bread, but they sure know how to build bombs!  Here's an example from today's news published in Harretz: 
"Lauding 'seriousness' of meetings, Kerry announces Qatar's pledge to provide $150 million in aid to cash-strapped Palestinian Authority."
When the talks began in July, I said that they would end in failure, due to the fact that the Palestinians came to the table with blood on their hands.  I referred to the imposed release of hundreds of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons, BEFORE they would talk "peace".  

I also agree with a former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meri: 
“I am convinced that peace will come to Israel and its neighbors because the tens of millions of Arabs need peace just as much as we do. An Arab mother who loses a son in battle weeps as bitterly as any Israeli mother.”
Israel is surrounded with the wars and fires of all her neighbors, from Egypt to Libya, and back to Syria.  She is attacked weekly, sometimes daily, by the Palestinian Hamas terrorists and some within the Fatah Palestinian group: both groups have NOT given up their attempts to murder Jews and like Iran, wipe Israel OFF the map.

I would add one comment to the thousands already recorded for history and that is this:  If the world were serious about forcing the Palestinians to make peace with Israel, it would stop ALL aid until the Palestinians in Fatah/Hamas put down their weapons and begin making peace among themselves first, and then, with Israel.

Common sense would tell you, dear World, that we do not reward our children for bad behavior, nor should we do that for the Palestinians.  The "FOUR BILLION DOLLAR PLAN" is doomed to fail until ALL the Palestinians truly seek peace without bribes and aid from foreign governments.

Remember the whole nation of Israel is smaller than the size of the US state of New Jersey.
This is the Land the "Peace talks" are proposing to divide up for the Arabs!

Bee Sting
Americans Stand with Israel