Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BREAKING REPORT: IAF Aircraft And IDF Troops Cross Lebanon Border

Note:  this news is happening as I type; being reported in Israeli newspapers:

from Jews News:

BREAKING REPORT: IAF Aircraft And IDF Troops Cross Lebanon Border To Monitor Syria Military Activity In Lebanon

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Lebanon reports Syrian fighter jets attack near border, other media outlets claim rockets fired from Syria land in Lebanon. Other reports: IDF operates near border

 Roi Kais, Yoav Zitun
After five rockets were fired into the Lebanon Valley apparently by Syrian rebels on Monday, Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen reported Tuesday morning that Syrian fighter jets attacked in the area of the Syrian-Lebanese border.
Other media outlets in Lebanon reported that five explosions were heard in the northern Lebanon Valley area, yet there were no injuries. A military source estimated that the rockets were fired from the Syrian side and landed in Lebanese territory. The source ruled out the possibility that it may be attacks carried out by the Syrian army, and noted that a Lebanese army force is on its way to the scene.
Meanwhile, the official Lebanese news agency reported that an Israeli drone crossed into Lebanese airspace Tuesday morning, and afterwards flew around southern Lebanon and even in the region of the Lebanon Valley. At the same time Lebanese media reported that there is IDF activity on the ground as well as 20 soldiers, accompanied by sniffer dogs, crossed the electric fence on the Lebanese border to perform close examinations. The Lebanese army also spread in the area.
The IDF Northern Command and Israeli Air Force are monitoring the Syrian activity in Lebanon, in order to ensure it would not spill further south, closer to the border with Israel. According to Arab reports, the activity includes operating drones and fighter jet entries in recent days.
Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Tuesday morning that Israel will not allow the transfer of advanced or chemical weapons from Syria to Hezbollah, and will act against any violations of Israeli sovereignty due to the Syrian civil war.
Syria’s President Bashar Assad was interviewed Monday by Al-Mayadeen and did not spare his criticism of the Lebanese administration, specifically in regards to its conduct in the Syrian crisis…
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