Tuesday, April 3, 2012

America is in need of Intensive Care!

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
What can possibly meet the needs of America?  Her "flexible" President has gone mad.  He did not receive proper treatment and appropriate advice in the early stages of his presidency and therefore, Americans watched in horror, as he went about his own business of bowing to foreign kings and apologizing to many of America's enemies, for his imaginative "mistakes" he felt America had committed before he became the 44th President of the United States.  During his Cairo speech, he attempted to redefine America, and has said more than once that America is no longer a Christian nation.  Why would Obama attempt to erase the very moral background and foundation of our country?  Perhaps by doing that, he believed in his dark soul that he could then open the flood gates to what he considered the "greatest sound he ever heard" - the call to prayer by his first love, the Islamic world and its teachings.

In his conceit, he placed the blame for the difficulties Americans are facing today on past presidents, and if that was not enough, he chose America's strongest ally, Israel, to blame for the lack of peace in the Middle East.  Obama is not ashamed of his constant ridicule and betrayal of the tiny Jewish country, Israel, as he raises the bow and shoots arrows towards the very heart and soul of Israel's leaders.  Obama has ignored the needs of America and her allies and by so doing, has given the impression to the world that the United States has lost her moral fiber, her ability to lead, her deep compassion for all that is good, and whoever stands in his way is mocked into submission (if that were possible).  His daily teleprompter speeches on TV are the sounds of the hissing of a snake - a snake that needs teleprompters to reveal slowly, inch by inch, the propaganda of his ideology that will bring America to her knees, or in this case, to an Emergency Room.

No quick fix or band-aid can cure what America needs today.  

Yesterday, in the presence of two foreign diplomats, Obama verbally attacked the members of the highest court in our land, the Supreme Court.  Once again, he serves his own ideology while mocking America's institutions and its Constitution.  Does anyone need more proof that Obama marches to a different drummer and that drummer is against all that Americans hold dear and sacred within their own hearts and soul?  He truly has gone mad and that is when America became so ill, the ambulance was called immediately, and the greatest physicians in our country are standing watch over her, while Americans pray she will survive.  She must survive!  The healing will be a slow process and I hear this shall begin once the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is voted out of office.  He has done so much damage, that's for sure, but America is strong-hearted, determined to survive, and her flag flies freely, waving to all her citizens, to continue this fight for freedom from the tryranny of a mad, would-be dictator, as this 44th president  has no comprehension of what it means to love and stand loyal to the nation we love - America.
May God bless these United States, forever

Note:  See Obama Takes Aim at Supreme Court, Calls Them 'Unelected Group of People', posted on Fox News.