Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey Obama, You are no "friend" of mine!

.... don't follow me and stay off my Twitter account!

As most of you know, I use "" and post a daily newspaper.  It's quite easy and anyone can do it and many who have blogs have also joined the fairly new way of posting up-to-date news, as it is much quicker than posting individual articles on a blog.

The urgency to get the news out timely is important, as it is now countdown to the November elections.  I do this to counter the propaganda pouring out of the White House, because America cannot afford a second term with this Obama administration - not if we wish to see America survive.

How does this type of newspaper work?

You simply highlight news that interests you, such as, "Israel", "Iran" "Middle East", etc. and then the paper pulls the most interesting articles from the friends you FOLLOW on your Twitter account.  It saves you time searching and oftentimes, what you see here is something I feel is important to post on Americans Stand with Israel.  I know the liberal media puts a very different slant on most of the news relating to Israel (when they decide to report on Israel, which isn't often) and when they do report on the ME, it usually is something the White House gives them - which means, biased and anti-Israeli reporting.

Occasionally, due to the fact that those good folks I "follow" also have followers, a liberal may find its way onto The Bee Sting Daily and when that happens, I try to remove it immediately.

So, imagine my surprise yesterday, when I noticed Barack Hussein Obama's TWEET on my newspaper.  How did that happen when I have deliberately blocked him from my Twitter account?!  Some of my friends have posted great comments on his Attack Watch Twitter account, but what was posted yesterday was not from any of his campaign accounts - this was directly from his account.  Unfortunately, I deleted it before realizing I should have copied the page to my computer.

So, if any of you have seen his article on my newspaper, my deepest apologies.  I will try to be more diligent in checking the news as soon as it is published, but there will be times when I am away from this computer.

Meanwhile, this note goes out to Mr. Obama and his followers:  STAY OFF MY TWITTER ACCOUNT! Since you were not invited, I would have to report any further postings to Twitter, as spam.

And now, on a lighter note, here's one of my favorite videos, called Beautiful World, Blessed World: