Friday, April 6, 2012

At The Seder- A Passover Song by Judy Tellerman

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At The Seder written and sung by Judy Tellerman from the album, We Keep The Flame.

AT THE SEDER © 2011 lyrics and music by Judith S. Tellerman This is a song a about Pesach (Heb.: Passover), the holiday commemorating the Exodus from slavery in Egypt, a celebration of God's essential attribute, love and compassion. When the children of Israel made a sign to God even though they had made many mistakes they crossed over to a redeemed life. This Redemption renews itself continually, as is written in the Talmud (Heb.:
ancient sacred book of Jewish law and wisdom), "In each and every generation, one must view himself as if he himself was liberated from Egypt." (Exodus 15)