Monday, April 2, 2012

Iran: An Israeli's Observations

Note:  In an E-mail I received yesterday, an Israeli friend commented on last week's "leaks" to the media and then, Obama's relationship with Turkey vs. betraying Israel, according to last week's news reports (keep in mind that this is a translation from Hebrew): 
"I really want to say that Obama and the U.S. government realize the dangers of  Iran and yet, from last weeks news reports, there is much said about the USA and Obama wishing to impede the ability of Israel to make a military strike against Iran, by exposing the secrets of Israel in communication to the media.   The discovery of secrets last week, causing considerable damage - very heavy, to the IDF's operation.  Why it was leaked to U.S. media, it is difficult to guess, but it was on purpose to thwart the IDF's attack."
He then noted the following about Obama's "good" friends: 
Obama and Erdogan good friends
Erdogan friend of Ahmadinejad

Erdogan friend of Hamas
Ahmadinejad friend of Hamas
Ahmadinejad Hezbollah's close friend

"Does anyone think about these relationships between Turkey and Iran? Between Iran and its links to terrorism i.e. Hezibollah and Hamas?  Many times I have written in USAT, Turkey is not your friend - they are enemies.  Erdogan is close friend to terrorism and he is anti-Israel.  The pictures speak and I ask you, why is Obama closer to Erdogan, while ignoring PM Netanyahu?  I try to be for everyone, but the pictures speak the truth and it is not good to look at, for us."
He ended his letter by including the latest news article from Israel Hayom:

‘Iranian terror cell planning attacks on Jewish, Israeli targets in Turkey’
Sky News: Intelligence sources believe Unit 400, a secret special-ops unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force, has been instructed to attack Israeli, Jewish, and Western targets in Turkey.
Israel Hayom Staff
Revolutionary Guard soldiers. [Archive] Unit 400 reportedly ordered to stage "more frequent and more daring attacks."
 Photo credit: AP