Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FOX VIDEO: Sean Hannity: 'The Real Obama': Betraying Israel


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: And it's time for our next installment of "The Real Obama" as we continue to vet the president. Tonight, we look at how this administration continuously disrespects and undermines America's long- standing ally, Israel.
Now according to ABC News, some Israelis are accusing the White House of leaking extremely sensitive information to reporters in order to prevent an Israeli strike on Iran. Here is an example.
"Foreign Policy" magazine is reporting that Israel has gained access to several air bases in Azerbaijan, which shares a border with no other than Iran.
Now the story goes on to say, quote, "According to several high level sources that I've spoken inside the U.S. government, Obama administration officials now believe the submerged aspect of the Israeli Azerbaijan alliance, and the security cooperation the two countries is heightening the risk of an Israeli strike on Iran.
Now in fact, the White House dodge questions about that report at a State Department briefing earlier today. Let's listen to this.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Send you to the Azerbaijan for whatever they may be talking to the Israelis about. I don't have information to indicate that the reports that are out there have any basis in fact.
HANNITY: Make no mistake. This is not the first time the president has thrown our friends Israel under the bus and I fear it will not be the last time either.
Joining me now as the vetting of President Obama and its administration continues, the host of "War Stories" right here on the Fox News Channel, our good friend, Colonel Oliver North. Sir, how are you?
OLIVER NORTH, "WAR STORIES" HOST: Unprecedented access to sensitive material that someone gave to the press and it can only come from the administration. Sean, what is happening here is a full court press that is political and ideological because there is this naive utopian hope within the Obama administration that if they can simply bring about some kind of Palestinian-Israeli peace accord, all the problems of the Jihad being waged against us will go away, it won't work.
HANNITY: The question is why? It's very interesting, why it's -- he is basically telegraphed to the Iranians --
NORTH: The difference here. That is the political part, Sean because everything they are doing is designed to keep Barack Obama out of trouble until November. Make sure that there's no Israeli attack that can be launched until after November.
HANNITY: So that is what they're doing at this critical time -- Israel's survival is at stake, Colonel.
NORTH: Well, this isn't an existential threat to Israel and what, of course, the Obama administration doesn't understand is it doesn't make any difference if it's Benjamin Netanyahu or Ehud Barack, who's a labor right. No Israeli prime minister can ever forget the words "never again." They must take whatever steps necessary to protect their country.
HANNITY: This is the same Ahmadinejad that wants to wipe Israel off the map, but also said that he can imagine a world without America. What do you think Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel is thinking, as he sees the president whispering secrets to the Russians, you know, you got to tell Vladimir, I got to get re-elected. I can handle this --
NORTH: Give me a little more space and a little more flexibility --
HANNITY: Need more space.
NORTH: After the election.
HANNITY: I can help you after the election.
NORTH: If you are an American ally, this is a time to be afraid, to be very afraid because this administration is going to do everything in the power to keep Barack Obama in office, after November and make sure particularly Israel cannot launch an attack on the Iranians.
That is all the information that's come out in the last few weeks. It's a foreign policy piece, Bloomberg, ABC and of course, the defense report that was leaked from Capitol Hill. All of it is being done to prevent Israel from launching an attack on Iran's nuclear sites.
HANNITY: The Iranians have also said, now that Egypt, the president was so wrong on the Arab spring, and on the quote, "the rise of democracy," the Muslim Brotherhood now is in charge of parliament.
They have said before the Arab Spring prepare for war with Israel. Now in the last two weeks have declared Israel is Egypt's number one enemy. Now they're going to have a run for the presidency and you have even more extreme Islamists than the Muslim Brotherhood that will be in charge there. We're about to give them $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars. Does any of this make sense here?
NORTH: Well, yes, it does if the only -- if the only goal is to have Barack Obama survive this presidential election. It makes political sense and the ideology of this blissful hope that some kind of Palestinian- Israeli peace accord is going to solve all of our problems, again, extraordinarily naive and utopian.
HANNITY: All right, Colonel Oliver North, good to see you.
NORTH: Appreciate you.
Note: I listened to this interview between Hannity and Col. North last night and pleased to share with you today.  Thanks, Fox Nation, for posting the video.