Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who needs WikiLeaks when our enemies have ObamaLeaks?

NOTE:  I have been reporting on the White House administration's "Leaks" and Bare Naked Islam has posted her perspective (below).  To-date, the White House continues their on-going sabotage of Israel's plans to defend her nation, while Obama whispers in the ears of Russia's president, promising more "flexibility" once he is re-elected.  (The president must have a crystal ball telling him "he is the fairest in the land" and will win the elections in November).  Yesterday, Hillary Clinton said "Israeli strike on Iran is not in anyone's interest".  This administration just doesn't get it!  Perhaps when they are all voted out of office in November, they will have a better understanding and will then recognize that Americans do not agree with their policies and betrayals.  Bare Naked Islam's first question is one many of us are asking - "How many more times does Obama have to deliberately undermine the security of our allies (and America) before he is charged with treason?"  Bee Sting

BARE NAKED ISLAM  -April 5, 2012

In a deliberate American campaign to scuttle any planned Israeli hit on Iran, the Obama Regime is leaking classified intelligence assessments and documents that rip deep into Israel’s most sensitive military zones. Nothing less than sabotage.

(How many more times does Obama have to deliberately undermine the security of our allies before he is charged with treason?)
Israel Hayon There should not be a shred of doubt by now that when the chips are down, I have Israel’s back,” proclaimed US President Barack Obama at the AIPAC conference earlier this month. 
“There is no good reason to doubt me on [Israeli] issues,” he similarly grumbled to The Atlantic.  “I have made a more full-throated defense of Israel and its legitimate security concerns than any president in history.”
 ”I have kept every single commitment I have made to the state of Israel and its security… We’ve got Israel’s back.” (The security commitments were made by previous administrations, which Obama wouldn’t dare break until he gets a second term…G-d forbid) 
Well, Obama definitely has a thing with Israel’s back. But he doesn’t seem to “have” their back. He is “at” their back. Stabbing them in the back, it appears.
Worst of all is the revelation (through Foreign Policy Magazine, yesterday) of State Department documents and CIA-provided details of Israel’s secret “staging grounds” (airbases) in Azerbaijan, from which the IAF can more readily strike into Iran. In the article, “senior intelligence officers” and former CENTCOM commanders name specific Azeri airstrips from whence Israel is apparently operating; name Israeli officials involved in managing the secret relationship with Azerbaijan; and provide astonishing detail on the air staging logistics that would be involved in an Israeli military operation there.
This follows upon the Congressional Research Service study leaked earlier in the week, which pans Israel’s ability to do much damage to Iran, and suggests that an Israeli strike would uselessly stir up a hornet’s nest. Great cost, with little gain, the report said.
Two weeks ago, the Obama administration leaked to The New York Times results of a classified Pentagon war game dubbed “Internal Look” which forecast that an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would likely draw the United States into a wider regional war in which hundreds of American forces could be killed.
This is to say: Don’t you dare act, Israel, or the Obama administration will blame you for Americans getting killed. And to make sure that Israel understood just how directed this leak was, the newspaper was allowed to publish the exact location, date, parameters and some names of participants in this war game. A fully-authorized leak. A targeted kill.
So, for all the talk of “complete coordination” between the US and Israel on the Iran file, it seems that Obama is playing rough with Jerusalem. Obama said that he “is not bluffing” when it comes to stopping the Iranian drive for nuclear weapons. “Not bluffing,” perhaps, but it seems that he meant that meant not bluffing about stopping Israel from acting against Iran.
Obama boasts at length at every opportunity about upgrades in US-Israel intelligence sharing and weapons development that he has authorized. Aside from being a benefit to America well as Israel, these upgrades are, of course, primarily aimed at holding Israel back from attacking Iran. The enhanced security cooperation is a bear-hug designed to handcuff Israel. And it is counterbalanced and canceled out by security sabotage such as the Azerbaijan expose.
Obama is at Israel’s back, indeed.

and, from Col. Oliver North, ....