Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Message to Hillary Clinton ....

April 3, 2012 - Wednesday
Dear Secretary Clinton,

A former Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzchak Shami, openly disagreed with senior U.S. officials, bluntly telling then-Secretary of State James Baker: 
"Mr. Secretary, you can demand what you choose to demand, but this is our country and we will not agree to do anything taht will harm its interests and future, even if demanded by our best friend".
 I had just posted that quote from "How Past Leaders Responded to American Pressure".

We understand that you are merely voicing the ideology and (false) opinions of your boss, Mr. Can't Be Trusted Obama, so whatever you say is just more of the same old undermining of Israel's ability to know what is in her best interest.  

Unlike you and President Obama, Americans disagree with your administration's determination to befriend many of America's enemies.  We recognize that the recent "leaks" from your administration to the media, by way of Foreign Policy reports, is a deliberate betrayal of America's ally Israel.  The "leaks" have greatly damaged Israel's plans to defend herself from the ever-present goals of the madmen in Iran, who seek nothing more than to wipe Israel off the map. 

 In the process of those recent "leaks", you have pre-warned Iran's government of the intent of a possible Israeli defense.  If this were during the time of WWII, and you and your boss were allowed to publicly talk about matters relating to the security of our allies, Hitler would have been pre-warned and better prepared for D-Day.  The Allied forces would not have had a chance of arriving in France without Hitler's soldiers being made fully aware of its plans.
Hillary, you should be intelligent enough to understand that your careless opinions relating to Israel vs. Iran, are putting the Iranian government "on notice".  Is that your plan?  If so, Yitzchak Shami's comment is appropriate to you and this administration.  Your loose lips do not take into account the catastrophic damage to Israel and the United States.  Remember, whatever happens to Israel, will strongly harm America, for Israel's enemies are America's enemies. 

Israel will most likely ignore your latest, uneducated opinions from the report on "Israel Hayom", but the comment by Yitzchak Shami is an appropriate one to make today, even though the U.S. is Israel's best friend. 

Americans Stand with Israel
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Clinton says Israeli strike on Iran is ‘not in anyone’s interest’

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Middle East intervention: “I think most people really want the U.S. involved. We have to be careful about how we define that involvement. We don’t want to raise expectations that would be unmet.”
posted by Eli Leon and Israel Hayom Staff
A unilateral Israeli attack on Iran is “not in anyone’s interest,” says U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
 Photo credit: AP