Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UPDATE: It's not nice to make fun of Mohammad and Islam ...

UPDATE: Sept. 19, 2012 

Bee's Note:
To Egypt, Libya and the rest of the countries in the Middle East
Americans are fed up with your bloody rioting against the U.S.; we're fed up with your burning our flag; and we are absolutely fed up with all the Muslims that hold murder in their hearts, performing uncivilized, horrific acts of torture and murder of our Ambassador Stevens in Libya. 
Therefore, any sympathy we might have had towards your people has vanished!  We no longer consider you  our friend, or a potential friend.  You blew it and we will do everything in our power to make sure any and all aid to your countries are forfeited.  You shall no longer hold your hands open for cash gifts and aid from Americans!  Eat dirt.  Grovel somewhere else for any assistance you seek.  
Unlike Obama, we do not expect you to act kindly towards our citizens who visited your country.  Tourism should cease immediately.  Embassies should all shut down their doors, like France did this week.  And your ambassadors to the U.S. should be run out of our country after being tarred and feathered.  
You are all insane if you expect Americans to be silenced, placed under your Sharia laws.  Here, in America, we have freedom of speech under our First Amendment, followed by our Second Amendment.  
Whatever your intentions on 9/11/12, you failed.  
However, you did not fail to get our attention, just as you did on that first 9/11.
You have proven to the world that Islam is not a religion of peace, nor does it have tolerance towards non-muslims.  Thanks for clearing that up for all of us.
Your videos of the murdering of our Ambassador are far worse than any video you claim offended you.
The video of Ambassador Stevens begging for help, as you tortured him will now be played back every year, along with all our other videos of 9/11 attacks.  We will remember.  We will never forget.
You have all become the laughing stock of the world in your pretense of acting "offended" over a video - when we all know it wasn't a video that upset you or Islam - it is the fact that America is free, a land of opportunity, while all of you live under the rules of a 6th century, idiotic, hateful, blood-dripping ideology.
You should all stay in your own lands, never step foot in a Western civilization, until you learn how to live among people without killing them.
We have millions of posters like the ones posted here and they will be spread far and wide, as a reminder to everyone that Islam has no place in a civilized world. You are all clowns, seeking attention.  Get over yourselves.  There's nothing special about you, or your nasty religion.  

Next year's 9/11 ........???

And always remember the following two things::