Monday, September 17, 2012

Videos: Rosh Hashana greetings from Caroline Glick


A lesson in post-chronological history

As you know, earlier this week week my team at Latma, Israel's premiere media criticism website produced our greeting to you for Rosh Hashana.

But we couldn't deny you and entire newscast, so the whole show is posted below. As you can see, we feature a groundbreaking expose of the newest development in Islamic history studies -- post-chronological Islamic history. 

And here's the Rosh Hashana greeting again as a separate clip. Be sure to send it on to your family and friends ahead of the holiday.

To give you an extra boost as you sort through the apple cart, here's our Rosh Hashana greeting from last year, which is just as apt and beautiful this year.

Enjoy and have a wonderful new year!

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Thanks for your generous support and Shana Tova!