Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Libyan Jihadists Finger Morsi…The Muslim Mafia’s Point Man…

Libyan Jihadists Finger Morsi…The Muslim Mafia’s Point Man…Approved By Barack HUSSEIN Obama…Addendum To: The Deadly Fruits of Appeasement…

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’……is coming full circle, and mirrored through the Islamist-in-Chief’s plans, via the re-shuffling of the Middle East chess board. 
Stage left….right…and now front and center….enter – Egypt’s Brotherhood Prez Morsi.
The puppeteer, the leader of the ( heretofore ) free world, executed the plays well, setting the stage for a Middle East arson-fest. The links below should shore up the obvious, even for those still floundering. 
Folks, way past time to get with the program! 
*Barack HUSSEIN Obama Set To Formally Embrace Egypt’s Brotherhood President..’ is the culmination of a U.S. (leftist/Islamist) administration’s heavy lifting, as their designs come to fruition –  http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/29/barack-hussein-obama-set-to-formally-embrace-egypts-brotherhood-president-morsi-how-did-this-happen-commentary-by-adina-kunticki/.
As usual, Walid Shoebat exposes their underbelly via – ‘Arabic Sources Reveal The Truth Regarding Attacks On U.S. Embassy in Egypt: One of Culprits To Visit U.S. On September 15th’ -
The attacks on U.S. Embassies had very little to do with the latest film and much more to do with the old story of the Muhammad Cartoon and the failure of Muslims to prosecute internationally the culprits who drew the Muhammad cartoons. This will be another attempt to change the laws globally.
Wisam Abdul Waris of Dar Al-Hekma (House of Wisdom) – about whom the Nour Salafist party announced publicly that its call to demonstrate was in support of – began a call to push for the passage of laws to be placed in the Egyptian Constitution – as well as internationally – that would make it illegal to criticize Islam.
The evidence can be found on this video, where Wisam tells viewers, in Arabic about his plans:
Here is a translation of the relevant portion:
We have moved to review with Mr. Rifai all the legal procedures today by which we created The Voice of Wisdom Coalition (I’itilaf Sawt al-Hekma); it will hold accountable everyone who insults Islam locally and internationally, in accordance with every country’s laws. We all know the problems Yasser Al-Habib had in London and after that in Berlin… in Germany, an extremist group was allowed to publicize cartoons that insult the prophet in front of the Salafist Mosque in Berlin, through a legal decision. So what we did was to ask Sharabi Mahmoud to reject this legal decision on behalf of the Egyptian people who are Muslim; for this reason, we created this coalition. We also made an official request from the Church in Egypt to issue a public announcement, to state it has nothing to do with this deed.
Then you have the official statements from the Nour Salafist party, which announces an official partnering with this call.
This demonstration was about one thing – creating havoc to apply pressure that would lead to a change in Egyptian Constitution by Nour:
Salafi Nour Party officially joined the Commonwealth of ‘voice of wisdom’ with Wisam Abdul Waris, as well as with Nader Bakkar, the party’s official spokesman and Dr. Ahmed Khalil Khairallah, member of the supreme body.
Said Bakkar:
Ahmed Khalil, of the supreme body, and I joined the Association of the voice of wisdom with Dr. Wisam Abdul Waris as official representatives from Nour Party and the Salafist call.
Bakkar then added that the association…
…aims for legal prosecution for anyone of harm to Islam at home and abroad.
Bakkar said the following in remarks on his personal facebook page:
…after the movie that abused the Prophet (peace be upon him), none will dare object to our determination to put an article in the constitution thatcriminalizes insults of the divine through portrayal or animation of the prophet, His companions, and all His House and mothers of the believers… this is the least we can do.”
Wisam Abdul Waris of Dar Al-Hekma
Nader Mahmoud Abdulsalam Bakkar
If Nader Mahmoud Abdulsalam Bakkar and Wisam Abdul Waris had any involvement in the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya, questioning each man could certainly help rule them in our out as culprits there.
The Salafist Nour party unquestionably carries responsibility for the embassy attack in Cairo. These two men should be questioned by authorities. One of them (Bakkar) is actually scheduled to be in the United States in the coming days. Make no mistake; the notion that these riots were spawned by an anti-Islam movie is completely and totally fallacious. It is not about the movie; it is about never letting a crisis go to waste. It is all about intimidating countries into implementing laws designed to extinguish free speech rights. The film is nothing more than a tool to be used to exploit politically correct inclinations.
It was also a ‘support al-Qaeda day’. The Nour Party’s official facebook pageproudly displays a photo of Osama bin Laden at the Hani Center.
To prove the point beyond a shadow of doubt that September the 11th was chosen without any connect to the film being released on that date we can examine the sources as to when Egypt learned about the film. On September 12, 2012 the Wall Street Journal reported that the video trailer which allegedly caused the storming of the U.S. Embassy had been scheduled to be shown in the church of controversial pastor Terry Jones:
The spark that elevated the video from the Internet’s backwater appears to have been provided by Morris Sadek, an Egyptian Coptic activist living in the Washington, D.C., area. Mr. Sadek has been an outspoken anti-Islamic activist in the U.S., where he runs a small group called the National American Coptic Assembly.
On Sept. 6, Mr. Sadek sent an email to journalists around the world promoting a Sept. 11 event held by Rev. Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who previously sparked deadly protests by burning a copy of the Quran.
In the email
Mr. Sadek included a link to the 14-minute YouTube clip, calling it “Innocence of Muslims.” The man identifying himself as Sam Bacile, in Tuesday’s interview, said the clip was a trailer for a full-length film of the same name.
In Egypt, journalists translated some of the footage into Arabic and broadcast it on national television. Several popular preachers on conservative Islamic satellite channels such as Al Rahma and Al Hafez urged people to turn out Tuesday at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, protesters there said.
The timeline of events is beginning to reveal itself. So, if the video was released to Arabic sources – with translations – on September 6th which in fact is collaborated by the fact that we can see Waris denouncing the film and calling or a legal change on September 7th.
Why then would plans be made to storm the American embassy on September 11th, given the solemnity of the day for the United States? If Terry Jones is supposedly insensitive to Muslims for threatening to burn the Qur’an, why isn’t it insensitive an act of war for Egyptians to storm the U.S. embassy on the anniversary of September 11th and replace the U.S. flag with al-Qaeda’s flag?