Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama And Hillary Apologize For Free Speech On Pakistani TV

Bee's Note:
The most offensive video is NOT the one made by a film maker in California - it is the one made by Obama and Hillary in the amount of $70,000, to apologize to the Pakistan Islamic people.  This video is the most damaging video created to-date, by our White House and Secy of State Clinton.  They have apologized to our enemies while our troops are still in the battlefields.  They apologize to the very people who hid bin-Laden for over 5 years!  They apologize for every American liberty of free speech under the First Amendment.  Their apology undermines the deaths of 4 Americans who were murdered on 9/11 in Libya.  How disgusting!  How typical of this administration! Obama's 4 year apology tour to Islam must stop!!  If he wishes to be the "Missionary-in-Chief to all things Islam", he will have the rest of his life to do so, after November's elections.  

Here's the video that should be the response to Islam ... play it again and again!

A word to rioting Muslims

Hey Obama .....check out this map!