Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nothing Untrue in the film "Innocence of Muslims"

Bee's Note:  Bernie, of Planck's Constant, (below) is a man of few words.  However, his review of "Innocence of Muslims"  is one of the best on the Internet.  There are only 84,408 view of this video and on another video of this You Tube video, a little over 20,00 view.  Considering the fact that over 20 Muslims nations are setting the Middle East on fire, murdered (after torturing the Libyan Ambassador, killing our Marines in Afghanistan and Libya, most Muslims have not viewed the video.  Fiddler on the Roof  has over 4 MILLION views and is far more entertaining than Innocence of Muslims.  
Anyone familiar with You Tube videos is aware of the hundreds of thousands of anti-American, anti-Israeli, and even Muslim-sympathizers videos calling for the deaths of all "infidels".  I have even posted a few here on Americans Stand with Israel, to demonstrate the Muslim hatred towards the West and if this administration and White House were awake, they would have to admit that since September 11, 2001 nothing has changed within the Middle East - just ask Israel, the only real democracy among all her neighboring borders!  Ask our troops in the war zones of Afghanistan, where the Taliban "borrow" American uniforms and shoot our soldiers in the head.  

Ambassador Stevens was murdered by the very terrorists he helped bring to power!  Anyone who claims his murder was due to a video has rocks in their head.  September 11th, as America was in the midst of mourning the 11th Anniversary of the day America lost her innocence forever, was a perfect day for the Muslim terrorist to do what they do best - terrorize and murder Americans, while collecting BILLIONS of DOLLARS from the United States in "aid".  Talk about being suckers for punishment ...!!  I don't know about you, but that makes my blood boil (not enough to go out and murder Muslims), but boiling mad and fed up would be the best description of my present day feelings. The only way change will come to America is by voting out every darn politician in Washington, starting with the Office of the President, in November.  The failed foreign policies of this administration are killing us!

By Bernie on 15 Sep 2012

clip from film innocence of muslims

clip from film Innocence of Muslims
So yesterday I watched a clip of "Innocence of Muslims" and did not see a single scene that was not true. Of course, it will be alleged that Muslims rioted and killed in protest against depicting the image of Mohammed, the alleged prophet of Allah, which is prohibited in Islam.
But the mere depiction of Mohammed is not the real reason they riot and kill. They riot and kill because It is the very essence of Islam to riot and kill. As proof, we see that this film, where no Muslim is harmed or killed, is used as an excuse to kill other human beings. Human beings that had nothing to do with the film and were not harming any Muslims in the slightest way.
Some of my readers may complain that this film insults their religion by portraying their alleged prophet as a brutal, ignorant pedophile and they should be angry. But what intelligent person who reads the Quran doesn't know this? And I'm angry about Muslim infestation of our country but I don't go out and shoot a couple of Muslims or burn down mosques.
The real problem is that the majority of Muslims cannot understand Arabic and most have not really read the Quran, so they do not realize that there is nothing untrue in the film.
If the world's Muslims weren't illiterate and uneducated, Islam would be a minor cult and a minor irritation. Sadly, there are over a billion plus of these buggers.



Innocence of Muslims Synopsis

By Bernie on 17 Sep 2012

A protest in Duraz, Bahrain against an anti-Islamic film. The banner (in Arabic) reads: 'The Islamic nation will not tolerate with those who offend its sanctities'
A protest in Duraz, Bahrain against an anti-Islamic film. The banner (in Arabic) reads: "The Islamic nation will not tolerate with those who offend its sanctities."
It is unlikely any of these idiots have actually seen the trailer.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia
In my previous article Nothing Untrue in the film "Innocence of Muslims", I wrote that most Muslims, being illiterate and uneducated, have not really read the Quran, so they do not realize that there is nothing untrue in the film.
However, some of my readers complained that I should have given a synopsis of the film. OK, first of all, only about a dozen people have actually seen the entire film. All the tumult and fuss is in fact only about the trailer which has been put on YouTube and it is doubtful that more than a handful of Muslims have even seen the trailer, although millions of Muslims are rioting over it. For those who do not have time to view the almost 14 minute trailer, here is the synopsis:
The first scenes show present-day Egyptian Muslims as savages burning the homes of Egyptian Christians while Egyptian Muslim security forces do nothing. True - this happens all the time, not just in Egypt.
One scene shows his wife Khadija suggesting that the Quran be written by mixing parts of the Torah and the New Testament. True - the Quran is such a hodge-podge mixture.
A number of scenes portray Muhammad as a religious fake, a womanizer, a whoremonger, a homosexual, a pedophile, and an idiot. True, true, true, true, true, true.

End of synopisis. The trailer is unbearably boring and is perhaps the most amateurish work of film I have ever seen. I doubt anyone could possibly sit through the entire film.
However, the film cannot possibly be more boring than the Quran which is even more amateurish than the trailer.