Sunday, September 16, 2012

Muslims:Unfit for Civilization!


riotsxMuslims around the world are showing their true colours.  Mass rioting on trumped up reasons, and apologies are insincere, or simply non-existent.
All of this is perfectly Islamic and I have the references should Muslims deny the fact that Muslims are commanded to fight the kafir, anywhere, everywhere, by any means until all kafirs convert, submit to Muslim rule, or are dead.
If anyone sees anything vaguely civilized about Muslim behaviour, drop me a line
What is happening around the world is in response to the weakness of Obama, or his complicity with devout Muslims. It depends on whether you think Obama is a traitor or just  just a victim of naiveté caused by massive meglo-narcissism.
Muslims think Obama supports them. I wonder where that idea came from? Do you suppose apologizing for the B  DF movie (The Innocence of Muslims makes Ishtar look like Citizen Kane!) had anything to do with it? You know, rather than a hellfire and brimstone condemnation of the murders and arsonists? Or perhaps it was Obama’s Abject Apology and Kow Tow Tour of the Islamic hellholes in 2009 which makes Muslims think their caliphate has the blessing of the Muslim bro in the White House?
Whatever the reason, Muslims are sure feeling their oats, if Muslims could grow oats.  It seems even the lethargic State Department has gotten off its collective backside. The situation is MUBAR, they say. Meanwhile Jay Comical Ali Carney reports there are No tanks in Baghdad! For the irony challenged among you, he actually claimed the protests do not target America. That is a perfect historical allusion, though!
I guess American embassies and flags burn better and American ambassadors are easier to kill. Can’t someone re-post this trained monkey to the International Space Station? Or some nice lab doing research on ebola or AIDS?
Some wag posted news about rioting Christians!  Funny, but not for a second believable. Christians don’t riot because Jesus does not condone violence! (Muslims are free to make fools of themselves and challenge this fact.)
Muslims riot because they are commanded by Mohamed and/or his bum-boy Allah to riot and murder loot lie and maim. (Again, Muslims are invited to contend this fact. Warning: I know the Koran and the hadiths and I am not afraid to quote them!)
This is the world which is coming in droves to your neighbourhood. If it appeals to you, send a nice communication to the movers and shakers (M&S) in your neck of the woods. If, one the other hand, you would prefer to live in peace among civilized people, let your M&S know that, too.
It is Almost Midnight in the West. We dare not lose the War for Civilization. Yes, it is a war and yes, it has begun, and yes, the Muslims know it. Libtards and dhimmis, deny it. Only the ignorant kafirs don’t know it. Don’t remain ignorant!
Factual, Unintentionally Funny, and Dreadfully Crafted.  A Muslim must have made this!